Top 9 Online PFM Software to Have in 2016 for Budget Planning and Tracking


BankTree is among the top software as it has a wide range of functions for managing accounts, reporting, budgeting and investment. Bank and credit union cards can be connected in the platform along with credit card accounts, but the function is not available for investment and retirement accounts. BankTree is great for budgeting as it can do everything one needs, it allows to schedule payments, set alerts and also copy the budget to the next month. However, the tool doesn’t allow bill payment or goal tracking. Reporting tools are as good as budgeting with an opportunity to track expenses and cash flow as well as personal investing. Speaking of personal investing, BankTree does everything other tools can do, but without the option to compare portfolios. Funds can be managed in a variety of currencies. Receipts also can be stored with the software, using the BankTree mobile app, which synchronizes with desktops.


Moneydance is different from other platforms because it also allows consolidating P2P lending accounts. It is available for mobile devices; the software allows scheduling payments, setting alerts and tracking bu ...

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