Top Funded FinTech Startups Founded in 2018

A growing number of new players in any industry is a sign of an expanding market and opportunities for innovators. FinTech is not an exception here. Increasing access to capital, consumer awareness, and acceptance to new ways of managing finances and other ecosystem drivers have been attractive for entrepreneurs in 2018 as well. We were looking at MEDICI startup database stats of new FinTech startups & their growth stories and came across many interesting cases of new players that secured good equity in order funding within one year of entering the market. In case you are inquisitive like us, here is a list of 15 such well-funded startups that were founded in 2018:

FinTechs that have secured 10 million+ in funding

  1. Figure Technologies, a United States-based company, has raised $50 million in total funding. Figure is a financial technology company that offers consumer credit products by levera ...

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