Technology platforms are transforming the core banking operations of the front, middle, and back office. The emerging BankTech ecosystems is drawing more FinTech companies to disrupt banking from the inside out. BankTech covers FinTech in areas like core banking, API banking or open banking, loan management, mobile banking, and omni-channel solutions.


The Unbreakable Black Box

Legacy technology is often debated. Recently, we’ve seen many high-profile privacy intrusions (Cambridge Analytica with Facebook) and system malfunctions (mass flight cancellations in Europe in...

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Why Join a Regulatory Sandbox?

Financial industry authorities caught some sort of a fever in 2016 with regulatory sandboxes launched around the world. The trend demonstrates openness and the forward-thinking...

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An Ornamental Chip

At the end of last year, two of the biggest credit card companies in America officially rolled out their newest technology—the microchip. Visa and MasterCard paraded...

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Apple Pay - Current Affairs

Here are some of the latest insights from the world of Apple Pay: Apple Pay’s China Invasion Stalled China’s UnionPay and alibaba group are making things...

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