New age FinTech platforms that facilitates loans to retailers and businesses through online/mobile channel. These platforms can be balance sheet lenders, marketplaces or P2P platforms. The lending ecosystem also includes FinTech players who provide alternative credit scoring and white label software solutions for automation of lending processes for upcoming lenders. All these companies aim to leverage technology to reduce cost and time. Also, they lend to unbanked/thin-file customers which banks find hard to service owing to low ticket size and high risks


FinTech Innovation in Southeast Asia

Embracing the Southeast Asian digital revolution in financial technology, FinTech seems to be exploding with quite a lot of startups having been established from 2009...

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CUneXus Solutions Help Boost Loan Volumes

Problem identification: With the advancement of technology, the customer demand for more advanced services from financial services industry has also increased.Software developers are providing lenders...

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Let’s Disrupt Money

$15 Trillion dollars of retail transactions are the breeding ground for innovation today - from contactless payments to mobile wallets - so much has been...

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