Total Indian FinTech Investments and Segment-Wise Analysis [Infographic]

There are around 600+ FinTech startups in India and more than half are more than PowerPoint startups. Out of the 600 FinTech startups in India, around 65+ have raised funding (some of them very recently). There is money pouring in with some big investments to be announced in next two quarters. Also, there have been few good exits.

Before I go ahead, let me say this first, loud and clear – funding is not directly proportional to long-term success. We have seen that movie many times, including the Bollywood version of it. But at the same time let’s not be jealous of others who have raised money. :) Being sufficiently funded does give wings to your imagination.

1. Payments is amongst the top two segments in terms of funding

  • Paytm has raised around $890 Mn in total since its inception. It is one of the leaders in the payments segment.
  • Mobi ...
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