TradeGecko - For Simplified Online and Offline Sales Operations

In a retail environment, the inventory to order cycle becomes cumbersome when there are not many effective and mission critical tools. Spreadsheets and ERP are one-size-fits-all solutions which do not necessarily cater to all the related functions in an Inventory to Order cycle. To enable B2B sellers achieve efficiency in their business, TradeGecko, a cloud-based platform has introduced customizable inventory, order management, and e-commerce solutions. TradeGecko’s cloud-based software helps manage each step in the commerce cycle to streamline the business.

Inventory Management: Inventory management software helps maintain an up-to-date list of products with all the related information such as the product stock on hand, committed stock, cost of the product, moving average cost (MAC), reorder point, and stock history. It also sends reorder point alerts for each product and its variants.

Order Management: Order management software helps in centralizing the sales channels, accessing real-time sales reports, creating sales orders on-the-go, and partially fulfilling the orders upon request.

Customized B2B e-commerce solution: One of the features of the e-commerce software is that it allows for orders to be placed with their customers directly, without the need for them to be contacted by phone or email as done traditionally.

TradeGecko’s smart services include:

1) Updating stock levels automatically when sales are made

2) Increase of stock turnover with intelligent reporting

3) Handle and fulfill orders in greater volume at lower cost

4) Sync accounting records with stock activities

TradeGecko is one central place from which wholesale and e-commerce companies can conduct their businesses by integrating all the existing accounting, e-commerce, and shipping platforms like Quickbooks, Xero, Shopify, Bigcommerce, and ShipStation. This service helps sellers leverage multichannel retailing where they can concentrate on scaling the businesses through different channels like online and offline selling without investing much time in managing the operations of each sales channel.

TradeGecko recently received $ 6.5 million in series A funding round. The investment was led by NSI Ventures and Jungle Ventures. The company currently employs 60 people with offices in Singapore and Manila, and hopes to expand to over 200 employees. TradeGecko has customers in over 100 countries and nearly $1 billion in transactions.

TradeGecko has partnered with ShipStation, a web-based e-commerce shipping solution to provide a seamless selling experience. TradeGecko’s partnership with ShipStation has provided a complete solution for retailers in managing inventory to order shipment and fulfillment.