Train Tickets Can Now Be Bought With Satispay

From now on, Trenord season passes and train tickets can be bought directly from a smartphone without using credit cards.

  • Trenord is the first public transport operator to integrate Satispay, a digital payment service that is completely independent of credit and debit cards. It is already possible to pay with the mobile payment service from the Trenord website and app, and soon it will be available on the ticket machines, which are present in over 400 stations throughout the region of Lombardia.
  • Trenord continues in its mission to enrich the innovative digital services offered to their customers.
  • For Satispay this represents another key step towards revolutionizing the daily payment habits of a nation.

Milan, October 10, 2017 Travellers in Italy can now buy train tickets directly from their smartphone, without using credit cards. The partnership between Trenord and Satispay was announced today by Cinzia Farisè (Trenord CEO), Alberto Dalmasso (Satispay CEO) and Giandomenico Genta (Satispay President), and reflects Trenord’s digitalization strategy to enhance the relationship with their clients by offering more efficient services that are customized to the individual needs.

Trenord is the first public transportation company to promote Satispay as a payment method for the simple, fast and secure purchase of train tickets online. Trenord’s client base has an average age of 36, has a secondary school degree (55%) or university degree (30%) and during the train journey uses digital devices to chat and keep informed: 80% use apps, primarily WhatsApp (42%), Facebook (28%) and Instagram (13%). Almost 10% of clients perform banking operations during the trip and use apps for online shopping. About 23.1% of travelers read using devices such as e-readers, tablets and mobile phones.

All this to suggest that Trenord’s 740,000 daily customers are not only connected but remarkably active digitally. Trenord has more than 350,000 customer accounts that travel with season passes while a daily average of 40% of trips are through single journey tickets.

Choosing to integrate Satispay follows Trenord’s process of innovating and digitalizing its services. This is also evidenced by Trenord’s app which has over 800,000 downloads and is their most active sales platform, followed by the mobile website. Trenord’s app is available for free download for iOS and Android. In addition to the "classic" features, such as timetables, maps, ticket purchase, etc. the app also allows the customer to personalize their information and receive updates in real time and in "push" mode.

Cinzia Farisé, Trenord CEO, stated: The quality of our customers' time is central to our strategy aimed at changing public transport in Lombardia. On the one hand, we are busy night and day to improve the 'heart' of our service, and among the results achieved I remember the punctuality grew by 23% in the last two years, the 76 new trains, the investment plan for other 160 convoys recently approved by the Lombardia region and the radical revamping of 278 carriages. On the other hand, we develop innovative services that meet the growing expectation of services and "digital infrastructures" of our customers, starting from the choice of the travel ticket. We are convinced that the integration of Satispay represents a new valuable opportunity for our customers. In Satispay we have found the strength of the innovation brought by young competent people who have thought of a service starting from their need for simplicity and speed in the management of the payment, the same need that every day we recognize in our increasingly digital clientele".

Alberto Dalmasso, Satispay’s CEO, added: «We are proud to be an element that facilitates life for the passengers that make up part of those 200 million trips managed each year by Trenord. That's exactly what we had in mind when we started Satispay: Simplifying people's lives through a simple, immediate and ideal payment tool for the most frequent transactions, everyday ones, such as coffee, shopping and, the train ticket that you take every day to get to work or school. The opportunity that opens with Trenord is extraordinary and makes us feel involved in an aspect, like that of transport, critical in the connotation of any smart city. We are honored to make our official entry into public transport with a partner who has immediately demonstrated a great interest in our solution and an extraordinary collaboration in order to achieve a highly complex integration in the shortest possible time, for the benefit of its customers».

Today, there are over 330,000 downloads of the Satispay app, 200,000 active private users and about 20,000 merchants registered to the circuit.

How It Works

Having downloaded and activated the Satispay app on their smartphone (of any brand and with any operating system), Trenord passengers can simply proceed to checkout in the Trenord website and app, select Satispay, insert their phone number and confirm the payment.

For purchases within the Trenord app, customers simply confirm the payment request that is automatically sent to the Satispay app. Payments via the website, and eventually ticket machines will merely enter their phone number (therefore without having to remember any password) and confirm the payment request that is sent to the Satispay app. Even in this case, the purchase is completed within seconds.

Thanks to the multi-charging functionality of Trenord, it will also be possible to pay quickly via Satispay for other people (for example, children, friends or relatives).


Trenord is a company with more than 4,000 employees, unique in Italy because it is exclusively dedicated to the public rail transport of an entire region, the more "mobile" of the country, where every day almost 740,000 people move by train. Trenord is the first operator specialized in local transport on iron that manages the suburban and Regional rail service, the Malpensa Express Airport Connection service (from Milano Cadorna, Milano Centrale, Milano P.Ta Garibaldi) and the Cross-border Como-Chiasso and Malpensa-Bellinzona. Through the Swiss railway company TILO [participated from Trenord to 50%], for a total of 2,300 trips per day, which to a large extent flow towards Milan.

The company was born on 3 May 2011 from the union of experience, competence and structures of Trenitalia and Gruppo FNM-participants to 50% each in order to rationalize and optimize the rail service in Lombardy.


Satispay is a mobile payment service based on a network that is independent of credit and debit cards: free, efficient and secure. Available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, it can be used by anyone with a bank account to exchange money with contacts in their phone book and pay in the stores and e-commerce that are part of the network with the same simplicity of sending a text message or check in on social networks. For consumers, the service is completely free, there are in fact no fees for registration, sending or receiving payments. For the physical and online operators participating in the service, there are no activation fees or monthly fees but only a fixed fee of €0.20 for payments exceeding €10: all receipts less than or equal to 10€ have no commission. Satispay SpA is an innovative startup resulting from the intense work of a team of young Italians. After the previous round of funding, the company recently closed an important capital increase operation that brought the total capital to 26.8 million euro.