U.S Patent 8,720,786 for Card Security Activation Label & Method Awarded to CPI Card Group

On 24th June 2014, Global leader in financial, EMV, commercial card production and related services - CPI Card Group – announced that the company has been awarded U.S Patent No. 8,720,786 for its Card Security Activation Label and Method.

  • This method provides a higher level of security and tamper-evident technology.
  • It is currently utilized in CPI’s prepaid card and packaging.
  • The patented technology enables CPI to offer pin protection as well as tamper-evident security products for cards activated in store or in third party locations.
  • The Card Security and Activation Label Method offers a completely tamper-evident protection of the barcode; any type of tampering with the activation barcode destroys the integrity, rendering the card from being activated.
  • CPI’s products covered by the patent will now be marked with U.S. Patent No. 8,720,786 to properly indicate CPI’s protected products and extend the value of the added benefits to its users.

This crucial patent demonstrates our continued innovation as a leader in the payments market and our focus on providing cutting-edge technology to address the needs of our customers, commented president and CEO of CPI Card Group, Steve Montross, in a press release. Payment cards continue to be a primary target for fraudsters, and our investment in high security solutions for payment cards and related secure packaging continues to provide considerable protection against fraud, he added.

CPI, a global leader in financial, commercial and identification card production and related services, offers a single source for cards and other form factors, from financial and gift to EMV chip and mobile, and personalization and fulfillment services. CPI offers the largest secure and commercial production network in North America as well as the UK. CPI's production sites include: Colo.; Denver, Fort Wayne, Las Vegas, Nev.; Minneapolis, Minn.; Colchester, England; Liverpool, England; Petersfield, England as well asToronto, Canada.