Uber Trying Cash in India, Mumbai Next

Uber is known in the payments world for pioneering a cashless and frictionless payment method. Uber’s payments system has been quoted in events and publications numerous times. So, what we are going to tell you is remarkable: Uber is trying cash payments in India. On Sunday, Uber introduced the cash payment option for Mumbai—making India the first country for Uber to launch cash in multiple cities.

Uber General Manager (Mumbai) Shailesh Sawlani said, "Riders across all 22 Uber cities will now have the option of paying cash for their Uber rides, in addition to debit/credit cards and digital wallets like Paytm and airtel money. We have a commitment to keep Mumbai moving safely and reliably no matter what. We are excited to launch cash in Mumbai, and give millions of commuters another reliable option to pay for their preferred way to ride."

Uber has earlier tried cash payments in Hyderabad. Now, Uber users can simply choose the cash payment option and pay their driver in cash after the ride. The company has been experimenting with multiple ways to provide a better taxi experience to its customers by simplifying booking and payment, and by providing offers and loyalty points. It has already achieved its initial milestone of simplifying the payment experience through its one-time credit card link-up facility.

Its main competitors in India—including Ola, Meru and TaxiForSure—have all accepted the cash-on-delivery model since their inception. To match up with them, Uber came up with this new strategy of accepting cash.

Uber's ambition to be "as reliable as running water, everywhere for everyone" is proving to be a success with its ventures and new strategies to tap the potential market in India.