Ubitquity, the Blockchain-Secured Platform for Real Estate Transactions, Partners With 'Bithouse' for Title Recording

Ubiquity, the blockchain-powered real estate platform is providing title recording for BITHOUSE; a modular prefabricated house sold for cryptocurrency.

Dover, Delaware, USA - June 3, 2016 - Ubitquity LLC, a company offering a simple user experience for securely recording, tracking, and transferring deeds is pleased to announce it has partnered with BITHOUSE, a company selling modular prefabricated houses sold for cryptocurrency. "We're both excited to be working with BITHOUSE by being their provider of choice for their prefabricated houses," said Nathan Wosnack, Founder & CEO of Ubitquity. "We will be creating an original clean record for each house sold, enabling the formation of a long-term chain of custody of the property which is publically searchable on the blockchain, for BITHOUSE's valued customers."

Ubitquity is providing an original record of recording data on its SaaS platform. This provides customers of BITHOUSE the tracking of all deeds, liens and documents related to the title of the property to be permanently stored from the construction of the building so complete history of ownership can always be traced.

"The partnership with BITHOUSE is an example of working with not only financial institutions and title companies, but also global communities who see value in our platform and cryptocurrencies. This allows us to take a more global approach by using the power of the distributed public ledger. We've created an innovative transition for efficient data recording for something as valuable as real estate and making those records efficient, cost effective, transparent and accessible to all," said Wosnack.

Ubitquity builds on an open-source platform used for creating, storing and managing digital assets while fully integrating the security and transparency of the blockchain with the user creation process. While Ubitquity is not into the business of verifying reliability or accuracy, which still requires a trusted human element to it, the company is instead focused on authenticity and immutability of the stored records its processes.

"In Russia, there is a great company; 'DublDom'. They have developed a unique concept of modular prefabricated houses. I liked the concept and methods of work of their staff, and made them an offer to sell the house for cryptocurrency. As a result, we have agreed that we will create the technical conditions and becoming technical consultants. In order to avoid legal and other problems in Russia, we have created a separate project 'BITHOUSE'. Under this brand we're selling these homes for cryptocurrency and plan to increase the number of buyers for 'DublDom.' This is a non-profit project, we have no plans at this stage to make money. We want to see more and more people are acquainted with the revolutionary possibilities that provide financial and technological innovation." said BITHOUSE Founder and President Igor Chepkasov. "In cooperation with Ubitquity, who are supporting our intentions and providing technical solutions, we can make the world more beautiful and people more happy." added Chepkasov.

Ubitquity is currently working with real estate and title professionals, along with land registry/data management, and other modular/prefabricated home companies who are piloting and providing guidance and feedback. Ubitquity is also in contact with Fortune 25 financial institutions, title companies, and state representatives within the United States to discuss the piloting their new SaaS-based blockchain platform.


BITHOUSE are modular prefabricated houses that being sold for cryptocurrency worldwide. It is a warm, modern house, in which you can settle in a month after the start of construction. A BITHOUSE is a comfortable short-stay home. Construction sees the installation of communications, final finishing, and plumbing. A distinctive feature of BITHOUSE is complete prefabrication and a minimum of construction work: the installation of the house is made on your property from prefabricated modules, integrated with surrounding external networks and infrastructure. Contact:

About Ubitquity LLC:

UBITQUITY, a blockchain-secured platform for real estate transactions offers a simple user experience for securely recording, tracking, and transferring deeds. The platform prototype was released in March 2016, and the alpha version of the software is slated for a summer 2016 release.

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