Ukash gives a Boost to its Voucher Service by Partnering with ZapZap

Ukash, an online cash payment provider, recently announced its partnership with ZapZap, a mobile payments wallet service. Ukash is leveraging the partnership to enable its users to store, manage and spend ‘Ukash’ vouchers on the go. This brings the consumers an alternative to card based online transactions by use of mobile based methods.

In order to avail the new featured service, Ukash customers simply have to install the ZapZap app on to their smartphones. They can then scan the Ukash vouchers via camera and load the amount into the ZapZap wallet. The wallet app can be used to transfer funds without any sort of security concerns. Generally, the ZapZap app allows to users to transfer funds from/to any of their mobile contacts, even those of Facebook’s. Now, the wallet app can also store value in terms of Ukash funds. The fund transfer can be made to any location in the world and Ukash codes can be created for payments on e-commerce websites.

Smartphones and tablets are becoming the devices of choice for online transactions for consumers on the go, said David Hunter, CEO, Ukash. And with more and more consumers opting for Ukash, rather than using debit or credit cards for online purchases, this unique partnership with ZapZap means there’s no barrier for consumers who prefer the safety of cash, but want to be part of the online, mobile world. This latest partnership demonstrates our commitment to making it as easy as possible for Ukash users to access their funds and keep a track of their balance. And with the ZapZap app password protected, consumers can keep cash they have turned into Ukash safe at all times.

ZapZap is continually developing new partnerships to give consumers the most convenient ways to transact in the online world, said Jonathan Abratt, Director, at ZapZap. We are, therefore, delighted to be the first company to allow consumers to load their Ukash code straight into a digital wallet, using their smartphone so that they can make the most of their cash in a flash (or a Zap!). Using Ukash via ZapZap allows consumers to keep a stored value of their Ukash to shop online with their Ukash as well as send money to friends or relatives abroad, ideal for travellers or people sending money home.

The partnership ensures that the rising user base of Ukash will face no barrier in being part of online & mobile world without the need of plastic cards. The ZapZap app password also ensures the presence of security features as well. The new services are currently being launched across UK, Europe especially the Nordic countries. The free ZapZap app is available across popular mobile OS i.e. Android, iOS and Windows.