The Uncertain Future of WealthTech

If you’re someone who was born during or before the 1990s, you would have definitely heard about the 2008 financial crisis; maybe some of you have even faced negative consequences as a result of the crisis. According to the US Department of Treasury, 8.8 million people lost their jobs and $19.2 trillion was lost in household wealth. Extensive research has been done to understand where it all started and how we can make our financial system strong. Was it because of some greedy investment banks trying to earn huge profits? Ignorant investors who never knew what investment product they were buying? Real estate advisors who sold floating-rate loans to NINJA category, or the credit rating agencies who gave a high rating to such complex derivative products? Or was it because of the high frequency and algo-trading software which made things bad to worse in a fraction of a second?

The world of investment management is changing rapidly

Investors need personalized services aligned with their financial goals and appetite in a transparent market environment. To serve the financial goals of the clients, companies are building dynamic models using machine learni ...

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