Unveiling the True Cost of Cross-Border B2B Payments: A Whitepaper by LTP, Sponsored by Payoneer

Cross-border payments have become a critical part of millions of lives as we moved towards a more globalized world and multicultural societies. The segment represents a massive market, great opportunities and very promising players. As large, cross-border payments become more common, B2B merchants are looking for the most convenient, cost-efficient and transparent options. This is driving more of these transactions to the Web and mobile channels vs. traditional agent-based and bank-based options.

To evaluate the various options and players available in India for B2B cross-border transactions, LTP has come up with a white paper which is focused on solutions for Indian businesses or professional service providers that need to get paid by their international clients (the US, EU and UK) or freelance marketplaces expecting payments for their services from abroad. For comparison, we conducted real transactions to compare the actual fees and currency conversion rates offered by the players. ...

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