US Patent 8,677,166 Obtained by for QR Code, Sound Wave Payment System

On 2nd April 2014, it was announced that California based mobile payment startup had received a patent for secure logins and secure mobile payments. The ‘US Patent 8,677,166’ utilizes QR Codes, sound waves, push messages and radio waves. was founded by Jack Bicer – the inventor of Uninstall and Automatic Software Updates.

Shopping cart user experience has not evolved much over the last ten years. Smartphone shoppers will enjoy the convenience of 1-Click checkout and payment without entering any information on their phones’ tiny keyboards, said Geoffrey Van Haeren, CEO of This is the next revolution in shopping cart technology that will help meet the booming demand from mobile shoppers. We are very happy to be implementing, the only patented U.S. product with QR payments for online shopping carts, on our ecommerce sites, he added.

This gives you an overview of their platform:

  • says it provides disruptive login and payment solutions with the best user experience.
  • Their 1-Button Mobile Web Payment and the QR Payment capabilities enable convenience and security without ever entering any data.
  • solutions result in increased revenue, more repeat customers and reduced support costs for merchants and websites not to mention a more secure login and payment process, according to the company.

The company says its solution reduces fraud by authenticating shoppers before a payment is made. The multifactor authentication also creates a secure login capability that renders Keyboard Loggers and Man-In-The-Middle attacks useless and significantly reduces fraud.

Some features of their platform:

  • One button click Mobile Web payments
  • Omni-channel Mobile Payments (Online Web, Mobile Web, Retail, Mobile Apps Paper BillPay
  • Multi-factor authentication for logins and payments.
  • Secure authentication with FonePrint.
  • Online registrations.
  • Anonymous payments.