US Payments Industry Talent Pool Study gives Comprehensive Supply Insights at a City Level and Skill Level for Recruiters and Companies

Earlier this week, when we wrote the article Talent Pool Shortage in US Payments & Commerce Industry, little did we know that it would invoke such a huge public interest. We received many message and tweets; some of them are below:

@khurjekar: As payments innovation becomes more open/collaborative, product/tech/hard skills will be in higher demand.

@StevenPurton: Great article on Talent Pool Shortage

Mike Dudas @mdudas Nov 3

If there is a talent shortage in the payments & commerce industry, it's time to target the *many* smart retail execs:

We wrote about talent crunch and lot of people agreed. However, some didn't and they asked us, if there is such a shortage of skills then why am I not getting hired ...

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