Use Advanced Analytics to Understand Your Forex Trader’s Behavior

Everyone already knows it: all our online actions are being recorded, whether it’s the first click on an ad, multiple visits to a website, the first registration in the foreign exchange trading platform, a first-time deposit, or pressing the play button on a tutorial. Each and every action traders take is part of the complete story of a trader’s digital behavior, or as marketers call it – the customer journey.

As McKinsey explains, focusing on these single touchpoints misses the bigger picture: the customer’s end-to-end experience. Only by viewing the customer experience through your customers’ eyes can you finally start to understand how to improve performance.

Compiled by many single actions arranged on a timeline, the trader journey is often complex to comprehend. But, as with many things in life, it’s about asking the right questions. With the right questions in hand and the right tools to analyze online behavior, brokerages can receive the correct interpretation of the trader story, which leads to valuable insights and actions that eventually contribute to higher conversions and continued ...

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