Use your Face and Voice rather than Password via Facebanx

Facebanx, a leading biometric security tech company has launched new software that allows any user to use an image of their face and a voiceprint to replace their password. The technology works with any PC, tablet or smartphone in a matter of seconds and the performance has a 99.8% accuracy.

The need to remember passwords may become a thing of the past as Facebanx has developed the world’s first ‘log-in’ feature utilizing just your face and voice in a frictionless method. It will also help to prevent ID theft and account takeovers from occurring, by using your personal biometrics in this way.

By simply pointing a device’s camera and taking a selfie and then repeating out loud four randomly generated numbers, customers will be able to log into their account within seconds, says Matthew Silverstone, CEO of Facebanx. This technology is incredibly accurate as it combines two different biometrics into one seamless experience.

One of the first businesses to trial the software is a global telecoms company which is freeing its customers from the need to remember their passwords and in the process saving tens of millions of dollars by reducing call centre costs for password reset enquiries.

Other trials due later this month include multi-national banks that are seeking to improve security by adding Facebanx’s voice and face biometrics to customer accounts, reducing the scope for criminals to access them. As well as reducing fraud, the new Facebanx service can help US banks meet demanding compliance requirements and provide them with a safeguard that customers are in fact who they say they are.

Our product is proving incredibly popular to organisations in the banking, gaming, healthcare and retail sectors as it provides for the first time a level playing field against cybercrime. Now criminals will not be able to use malware to simply hack into customer accounts as they won’t be able to reproduce a live streamed image speaking out loud randomly generated numbers, says Silverstone. This is the first time that the customer has been handed power back to them to stop account takeovers from taking place, he adds.

Facebanx is also a member of the FIDO Alliance (Fast Identity Online) which is an organisation of more than 100 biometric and major hi-tech companies including PayPal, Google and MasterCard, with the intention of revolutionizing online authentication with the first standards-based and open specification for overcoming password dependency. This will enable privacy enhancing online authentication that is both more secure and easier to use.

Facebank is based in Eversholt Street, London. The management team includes Matthew Silverstone (CEO), Andrei Dalla (CTO), Jeff Cave (Director Customer Integration), Steve Cook (Director Business Development), Ian Tandy (Director Product Development), Ian Hay (Director Sector Development), Bogdan Cucu (Senior Product Manager) and Constantin Cosuleanu (Flash Development Manager).

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