Using Data-Driven Innovation to Evaluate Real Estate Locations for Retail [Interview]

An interview with MasterCard Advisor Gary Kearns

At LTP, we strive to stay on top of innovative trends and resourceful solutions that will enrich the payments community. LTP had the opportunity to interview Gary Kearns, Group Executive, Information Services, MasterCard Advisors, to find out how data-driven innovation has helped develop their latest product MasterCard Retail Location Insights.

Though the retail industry continues to make strides in adapting to improvements in technology, retail stores are still one of the hardest hit sectors around. Closing vs. Coming Soon is not only a sign of the times but also a sign of what’s to come for the commercial real estate industry.

Traditionally MasterCard has been a conduit for safe and secure payments and is one of the most globally recognized symbols in the world. Powered by data-driven analytics, MasterCard Retail Location Insights is the first solution that provides insight and expertise to the retail and the commercial real estate industry.

LTP: MasterCard Retail Location Insights is a very u ...

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