Vengo Teams Up with Signal360 to Bring Mobile Engagement Capabilities to Vending Machines

Vengo, a point-of-purchase consumer marketing platform, offering compact, high-tech, interactive vending machines has announced a partnership with leading proximity provider, Signal360. Vengo vending machines are currently in premium colleges, offices, bars and malls, across New York City, Chicago, and Boston with plans to expand the network to another 3 cities over the next 6 months.

This partnership marks the introduction of the first iBeacon and Sonic Audio capable vending machines that enable mobile connectivity and interactivity when a user is in proximity to a Vengo machine. It is a natural fit as both companies are known innovators in the Retailer and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) retail-marketing verticals.

Consumer messaging will be driven via apps that are enabled with the Signal360 SDK and can power offers such as contests and unlocking premium brand experiences. The collaboration drives a new level of interactivity between the vending machine and the user’s mobile device, extending and enhancing the allure and draw of the already convenient and eye-catching machines.

Brands and retailers can extend their brand’s messaging to third party apps like SnipSnap, and their own apps, as well as retailer’s apps, to message their fans and shoppers, using the Vengo Machines as touch points to connect the digital and the physical. This means new scope and scale for brands, and fresh context to drive home brand messaging.

Brian Shimmerlik, Co-founder and CEO at Vengo Labs, said in an official press release: Vengo expands the ways and the places where CPG brands can reach, engage and sell to Millennial consumers. Signal360’s platform and technology allows us to engage consumers in deeper and more creative ways.

Vengo is a hardware/software startup in New York City focusing on bringing retail opportunities and brand engagement to places previously inaccessible to CPG brands. Vengo uses a compact, high-tech, interactive vending machine to create a direct sales and marketing channel to new groups of consumers. Through the use of immersive media integrated into the consumer experience, Vengo Labs is able to engage consumers, gather data, and report it in real time to vendors and advertisers. Vengo Labs has built products actively engaging 150,000 Millennial consumers per month for an average of over 30 seconds per engagement and continues to expand its reach across the major U.S. and Canadian media markets.

Signal360 (formerly known as Sonic Notify) is the leading in-venue mobile notification platform for real-time proximity-informed user engagement. Signal360 uses patented cross-platform inaudible-sound mobile notification technologies as well as the emerging BLE standard to wirelessly enable physical locations to reach mobile devices in real-time with highly-targeted contextual content based on a user’s location and interests. In addition, the system’s analytics engine processes massive amounts of data reported by these devices to allow companies to refine their marketing messaging and location experiences.