Verifone continues focus on Proximity Payments and Retail Mobility Globally

Verifone acquired 10 companies since 2010 with a total disclosed value of $1,353m (for 6 transitions). The acquisitions were in the field of payment gateways, POS solutions, card reader components and interfaces, transaction switching solutions, and cashier technologies. Though generic reasons behind the acquisitions were to provide better customer service, expanding product portfolio, geographical, and product/services expansion, a deeper insight into Verifone’s acquisition reveal following trends:

  • Focus on Proximity Payments and Retail Mobility
    • Verifone acquired Global Bay (a leading provider of next-generation mobile retail solutions) to expand into Retail Mobility. It was part of Verifone's strategy to bring the power of mobile into the world of retail and payments, extending new smartphone- and tablet-based shopping and payment experiences to retail organizations
    • Verifone acquired Lift Retail (a network-connected digital marketing hub that integrates with point-of-sale systems (POS) in the convenience store and petro ...
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