Verifone Launches Future-Proof mPOS Terminal to Support Apple Pay & Others

Deploying smartphones and tablets as mobile points of sale often requires integration with a mobile payment terminal in order to add the security, durability and functionality that merchants need. However, as new generations of smart devices are released, the form factors and other aspects of the devices frequently change. This often requires merchants to upgrade both their consumer technology and their mPOS terminal. Verifone is now offering a new terminal that would make things easier for merchants.

Verifone has announced a new mPOS terminal that will support all mobile payment platforms and devices. The new terminal, dubbed as PAYware Mobile e355, is being offered as a valuable option for retailers to deploy a mobile POS system that is locked into a single ecosystem. The new terminal can work with devices of various form factors, avoiding the hassle of upgrading to next-generation hardware devices.

PAYware Mobile e355 supports multiple payment types including EMV, NFC, Apple Pay and traditional magstripe. It works across all major platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The terminal also comes with WiFi, Bluetooth and USB connectivity and as well as an optional barcode scanner. This new Verifone mPOS terminal helps retailers meet the rapidly evolving needs of an increasingly mobile retail environment, and includes all of the functionality needed to enable commerce from anywhere inside or outside the store.

Here is an illustration of the terminal:

Mark Shockley, SVP of Mobile Solutions for Verifone, said in an official press release: The prospect of having to purchase new mPOS devices for sales associates when smartphones and tablets are upgraded has been a major inhibitor to mPOS investment among retailers. Verifone’s single, modular solution will offer the ultimate in mPOS flexibility, allowing it to persist across changes in devices, even if somebody wants to make a complete switch from one OS to another.

This new mPOS terminal will also support Verifone’s Secure Commerce Architecture (SCA) solution, which eliminates the flow of consumer payment data into the merchant’s integrated point of sale (IPOS) system, and enables encrypted delivery of this data from the POS terminal directly to the merchant’s processor. SCA removes the IPOS from the scope of EMV certification, greatly reducing the burden for clients; this also eliminates the potential for this data to be stolen at scale.

The new terminal is already supported in the industry by other fintech players because of its compatibility with Apple Pay:

KWI is an industry-leading cloud solutions provider to the specialty retail sector. The company recently announced the integration of Apple Pay into its KWI Cloud 9 Mobile POS platform. This also includes the addition of Verifone’s PAYware Mobile e355 to KWI’s list of product offerings. The full range of capabilities offered on the KWI Cloud 9 Mobile POS platform include multiple payment tenders with cash, credit, Apple Pay, gift cards; Omni-Channel fulfillment solutions; cash management options; employee and staffing solutions; real-time inventory and full customer management.