Vibes is Integrating Mobile Ads into Apple’s Passbook and Google Wallet with Wallet Ads

  • Vibes recently announced WalletAds, its new technology that allows smartphone users to easily tap and save content and offers directly to Passbook or Google Wallet.
  • According to the latest report by Forrester Research, Inc. loyalty and coupons have been requested as benefits for mobile wallets by more than 50% of U.S. consumers.
  • Despite spending on mobile advertising expected to reach $42 billion by 2018, most current advertising is terribly inconvenient for consumers, such as ads redirecting users to a separate site or to download an app.
  • WalletAds saves branded content, such as coupons and offers, to a smartphone’s Passbook or Google Wallet in as little as two taps, allowing for use later online or in-store and avoiding much of the usual hassle.
  • Creating a more effective mobile advertisement space through retargeting and placement (to the Passbook or Google Wallet), device detection (the right ads are sent to the right devices), and easy integration into pre-existing ad campaigns.

Watch their Video:

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