Video Interview - Marc Keller, Ex-Global Director/Sr VP of Citi, BoA & Research at MIT labs

Lets Talk Payments Interviewed Marc Keller, who handled modern payments initiatives as Ex-Global Director/Sr VP of CitiBank, Bank of America and Visting Research Scientist at MIT media labs. Now Co-Founder of CrossRoad commerce, he also worked at BCG in the past and is based out of Charlotte in the US.

Some of the questions that were asked were:

- You have been a pioneer in mobile payments at some of the largest banks in the world, and that is a field getting a lot of airtime these days. In your mind, what has been the most significant development in the field in recent years?

- What is the reason for mobile payments not yet becoming mainstream in the US? Do you feel optimistic or are there still fundamental challenges?

- You have seen much more than mobile payments in your experience? What are some key themes that you are focused on right now?

- Banks have been the primary stakeholder in financial services. You have been at some of the premier names. Do they still hold the keys to the kingdom, despite all the new entrants such as mobile operators, wallet companies and retailer coalitions?

- How about entrepreneurial attempts in financial services. There have obviously been a lot of failures but also a few shining stars. Where are you placing your bets in terms of mind-share?

- Can you share your current priorities with us? Where is the industry headed? What should we expect in the next 12-18 months as it relates to financial services innovations?

- Any closing thoughts for our subscribers? We have a global audience, so they will appreciate your insights into where innovation is coming from and what would be some opportunities and pitfalls.

Video Interview - Marc Keller