Video Interview with Stefano Calderano, CEO of JUSP

Lets Talk Payments Interviewed Stefano Calderano, who heads JUSP as an investor and CEO. JUSP has come up with a Chip and Pin mobile card reader that connects to the audio jack of the phone. He has also worked with companies like BNP Paribas, McKinsey, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, in retail and banking sectors.

Some of the questions that were asked in the interview were:

Q1. Who are the founders and whats their background?

Q2. Who are the investors in JUSP?

Q3. How do you describe JUSP?

Q4. which parts of Europe are you going to cover. How did you chose the countries to operate in?

Q5. What is the single biggest USP?

Q6. How do you size the opportunity ….total market …and for JUSP?

Q7. How do you see Chip and Pin implementation in different parts of the world?

Q8. Any advice for startups in payments space in Europe?