Video (M) Banking – a Modern Way of Communication Between Bank and Customer

What is video banking based on?

Video banking is not the latest trend in Polish banking sector. Some banks have already offered the solution: e.g. ING Bank Śląski, Raiffeisen Polbank, Alior Bank or Idea Bank. However, it is mBank, whose number of video calls constantly and significantly increases, simplifying the use of e-banking. mBank’s system is the most innovative on the market, not only in Poland. What is essential, the service is available 24/7, also for those who are not mBank’s customers but are interested in its offer.

At any moment, round the clock, video banking lies in obtaining by the customers online video support from an expert, both when purchasing new products and during their day-to-day banking operations. Clients are also more and more interested in a bit more advanced investment products or credit possibilities, while contacting the consultant. Furthermore, in mBank case, affluent customers using Premium Offer are able to connect with an online expert specifically assigned to them.

Using video and audio conversations does not require any additional software to be installed. All that is needed is a computer equipped with a camera, a microphone, loudspeakers or headphones, as well as with Microsoft Silverlight, the plugin to the browser.

Advantages of video banking

The main advantage of this system, especially when compared to a telephone conversation, is the fact that multimedia content may be presented directly on the client's screen. Consequently, a consultant will be able to share his screen with a client, presenting details of the bank's offer as well as displaying documents, forms and applications which might be collectively fulfilled during the conversation. In 28 percent of mBank’s video connections, an expert presents multimedia materials on the screen.

- It is possible to transmit the client's camera image during the video conversation so that both sides could see each other. We desired to give our clients the opportunity of having eye contact with an advisor and working on a document without the need to send it to a bank unit. It does not only simplify the connection, but also inspires trust to the consultant - says Łukasz Wiktor, mBank’s Customer Service Director.

Virtual conversations may also take form of text chat during which a Bank's employee is able to pass the information and links about the offer as well as on products and services held by a client (e.g. account balance). It is an easier way for visualizers.

Video banking by mBank – facts&figures

Since mBank launched video banking in 2013, the number of virtual conversations tripled and now there are over 60 thousand calls per month (2 thousand a day)! To sum up, 360 thousand people contacted mBank’s experts online so far (over 1 mln virtual calls), what makes 15 percent of all the interactions with the bank.

It is worth noting that 91 percent of these connections are rated by the callers as competent, 94 percent as friendly, 88 percent as useful and 83 percent of the problems are solved after that service.

Forrester Research, a global research and advisory firm, presenting annual reports about services offered by banks in order to find the most innovative solutions. In 2014 mBank took the first place in the category of online banking in Europe. Experts appreciated how easy it is to obtain support of a bank consultant in transactional service, especially using video banking.

The future of banking is thus online. The customers are not visiting traditional units anymore. They constantly hurry up, so the best solution is to take care of every bank operation via digital or mobile platforms. If they come across with any problems – the quickest and easiest way to solve them is video/audio banking or chat.