Visa Announces Agreement to Acquire TrialPay

Visa will now be partnering with TrialPay, a leading payments technology company that was founded in 2006 and now reaches over 500 million users across 20,000 merchants in 180 countries. With TrialPay, Visa will be able to target consumers based on their transaction histories and present them with specific promotions. These promotions will be similar to incentives; the customer will be provided with the option to purchase a desired product or service to receive an additional bonus product or service as a result.

TrialPay is a company focused on connecting the right type of advertisements with the right customers. They do this by using monetization toolkits and allowing developers/third-party platforms to connect and reach the consumers efficiently. With around 3,000 current offers from TrialPay, Visa will be able to present personalized offers to their consumers in real-time. These new options will give merchants the opportunity to generate tons of new transactions of all sizes. These offers will be incentive based, and as a result customers will be very likely to invest and extend their purchases. This will also produce more traffic among Visa’s payment sites, and in turn reel in new buyers. TrialPay offers the power to work seamlessly with existing advertising partners in one lightweight SDK (software development kit).

Visa is strengthening its relationships with their merchants while helping them increase growth and improve business across the board. Transactions will be more valuable and profitable for all businesses that are involved. Outside Visa, DAG Ventures, Transmedia Capital, and Battery Ventures are just a few of the prominent investors who trust and support the TrialPay mission.

This acquisition by Visa is yet another sign that Visa and the incumbent payment leaders are looking to expand their portfolio of offerings, either through internal innovation initiative or external acquisitions. Regardless, this is a positive sign of the industry, with technology enabled innovation front-and-center in mindshare and on the investment radar.

Here is a video on how TrialPay works: