Wallets Can Now Be 'Smart' & Become an Integrated Services Marketplace in One Go Using Chatbot SDK

New Delhi/Bengaluru, March 29th, 2017:, India’s leading AI-fueled company releases Software Development Kit (SDK) for wallet companies to sell smart with an AI. The SDK empowers the wallets to enable conversational commerce on their mobile and web apps. Post the SDK integration, brands can offer multiple services such as cab booking (Uber, Ola), bus booking, hotel booking, events and movie booking, utility bill payments, mobile recharge etc. These services are built on’s custom natural language processing and machine learning technologies and can add value for the wallet’s consumers. The mere 1mb SDK aims to enable brands to enhance their app experience, improve engagement, increase customer retention, acquire new customers and monetize their customer base. Moreover, the wallets won’t have to go to service companies, integrate their APIs and worry about the fulfillment; integrating the Niki SDK will bring all the major services into the wallet via a simple process.

The integration will enable the wallet to become the biggest service marketplace among wallets and stand out in the competitive digital payment market. About 20+ services will be offered on a simple chat interface that will be consistent across all domains. The chat back-end technologies also understand the local Indian style of texting, which makes the whole experience extremely simple for the majority of the Indian crowd even in tier II & III cities. Niki also acts as a one on one sales assistant which leads to better conversions. Commenting on the release, Mr. Sachin Jaiswal, CEO, said, The SDK integration will empower the wallet brands to be a bigger and smarter version of the current wallet market leaders, and help them break into the top league. Wallet Brands can sign up for the SDK by visiting, and complete the integration in less than an hour of development effort within 10 lines of code.

For the past six months, has been working with select brands on innovative products to deploy the SDK, one of which was the Chat & Pay with Oxigen Wallet. The utility of SDK is already evident for digital payment and wallet businesses, through the case of Oxigen wallet. They integrated the Niki chatbot SDK to drive more usage of their payment ecosystem, and to provide their consumers with a personalized, enriching and interactive experience of commerce. For the last month, since the chatbot has gone live on Oxigen’s platform, they have observed a higher customer retention. Once a customer gets used to the chat interface, which takes just 1-2 transactions, they have a higher chance of coming back. They have also observed that the average amount loaded into the wallet per user has gone up. The chatbot SDK also helps the wallet businesses to increase usage of their wallet across domains and services.

There has been a rise in usage of chatbots globally. has been developing the bot for the past two years, serving over 50 million interactions across travel, entertainment, food, home services, utilities like bills and recharges, among others. The bot in form of an SDK now provides brands with a unique opportunity to enable these interactions on their platform through a simple integration and make use of the advanced technology built by


Artificial intelligence (AI) holds immense potential for the global market, and this is the reason why the year 2017 is being predicted to be that of artificial intelligence. Among the most renowned, famous and successful startups that have mushroomed recently around this concept is, a technology-focused company that envisions to make artificial intelligence accessible to everyone, i.e., businesses and consumers. The company provides a simple and easy to use chat interface to shop for products and services. To the businesses, it provides a plug-and-play technology that can be easily integrated everywhere including operating systems, on messaging platforms messenger, and on the brand’s applications (app and web).

Started in 2015, and funded by Mr. Ratan Tata and Unilazer Ventures, envisions to provide one shop for everything commerce. Niki is an AI bot who converses to help you shop for products and services and makes the whole journey from discovery to transaction fast, convenient and extremely simple. The company works on a channel partnership model. It takes orders from customers and passes it on to their partner who does the fulfillment. For every order generated, gets a commission from the partners.

With a 35% month-on-month revenue growth, the company has 50+ partners on board with many more in the pipeline. On the customer front, the company has more than 300,000 customers using Niki. The company plans to integrate many more services on its platform so that for most of the needs that a consumer may have, Niki is the first thing that strikes his mind. It also plans on being on a lot more platforms like iOS and messaging platforms like Slack. In short, the company’s vision is to be ubiquitous – Everywhere and for everything commerce.

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