Walmart to Announce New Service with Electronics Payment Provider, Euronet

Yesterday (16th April, 2014), Walmart Inc stated that it would announce a new service with Euronet Worldwide Inc, an electronics payment provider. Today (Thursday – 17th April, 2014) the two establishments will hold a conference call for media, analysts as well as investors to announce the new service.

The conference is to be held at 8:30 AM (Eastern time)/ 7:30 AM (Central Time), but no additional details were provided. Neither Euronet nor Walmart, would comment before the conference on Thursday morning, according to Reuters.

Euronet stated in its most recent annual report that its main offerings were:

  • Card outsourcing and card- issuing services.
  • Electronic payment products and money transfer services.
  • Automated teller machine and point-of-sale services.

In 2013, Walmart U.S obtained around 1 percent of annual sales via financial services like prepaid cards, money orders, wire transfers, bill payments and check cashing, according to its latest annual report.

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