Watch out for These 10 PFM Apps in the US

Keeping a budget and managing personal finances can be a time-consuming task and often a struggle for many people. But thanks to personal finance apps, tasks like paying bills and balancing accounts can be as simple as texting someone. PFM (personal finance management) apps act as effective tools to track your data across multiple sources like banks accounts, payment cards, etc.

Here are some companies working towards developing such amazing apps:

1. Learnvest: Founded in 2009, it is a financial planning company with its proprietary software, The Money Center, focusing on changing behavior cutting expenses to budgeting for goals for investment. The Money Center is an online tool that lets users track their spending, visualize their budgets and financial goals. In addition to the built-in budgeting system, full goal tracking, full trends and analysis, and a financial inbox, Money Center allows live co-viewing of user’s account and dashboard between the user and his or her LearnVest financial planner. At its core are three goals: credit card debt, emergency savings, and retirement, allowing additional goals. It provides customized financial plans with 24/7 support along with online classes. The company has received a total funding of $69 million from investors such as Accel Partners, Northwestern Mutual, ...

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