Web and Email Checkouts with Two Clicks via @Pay, Raised $3.5 Million

@Pay was founded in May 2011. The management team includes John Killoran (CEO), James Kassemi (CTO) and Chad Person (Marketing Director). @Pay has received a total funding of $3.5 Million in July 2012.

@Pay provides web and email checkouts for smartphones, computers and tablets. The company says that their Two-click checkout process improves conversion and opens new revenue streams for e-marketers, retailers, and eCommerce business owners engaging customers on mobile devices.

Some features of @Pay:

Universal Email Checkout: @Pay is a new way to buy... the transaction occurs through a secure exchange of emails. It is not an app - this technology works from the mobile device's email. @Pay email payments are supported on all popular versions of Android (including 4.2), iOS, Windows Mobile OS and on the web via JavaScript.

Faster Conversions: @Pay's streamlined checkout process allows customers to complete a purchase in seconds, not minutes, reducing shopping cart abandonment and increasing sales for ecommerce merchants and email marketers.

Global Availability: @Pay allows businesses to receive money from around the world, no matter where their company or customers are located. The @Pay API can connect to any merchant account or processor.

Mobile-Ready Payments: Transactions are just two clicks - and work on every popular browser, operating system or mobile device.

As for Pricing: @Pay is free for your customers. Merchants pay 55 cents per transaction, without set-up costs, monthly fees or hidden charges.

'@Pay's goal has always been to provide a great buying experience so that merchants can sell more of their goods. Buying on a mobile device should be easy-but it's not, said John Killoran. Our technology solves that problem, and we've worked exceedingly hard to enable it on as many email platforms, operating systems and devices as possible. This is a big deal,' he added.

This video demonstrates how @Pay Two Click API enables email marketers and merchants close sales efficiently: