What Do You Remember from the Past Year in FinTech 2015?

Many of my colleagues in the industry are sharing their perspectives for 2015 and their crystal predictions for 2016. LTP co-founder Amit Goel has recently published his comprehensive review and the LTP 2016 Prediction Podcast continues in its second and third act for the season. Many others will add their words of wisdom.

My attempt here is to summarize what stands out for me in The New Global FinTech as we wrap up the year, not curated scientifically, but rather as observed personally and subjectively, of course with the benefit of hindsight.

In keeping with the tradition of Top Lists, but now comparing apples and oranges, we are calling it The Top X of 2015:

Top FinTech Disappointment of 2015

Apple Pay

This one is not in the same category as failures or accidents, rather a genuinely sad disappointment. Along with all the good things that came with the Apple Pay announcement and launch in the Fall of 2014, viz. focus on experience, partnership with major financial institutions and retailers, integration into Apple Watch, etc., there were high expectations from Apple, and as with anything that has a high expectation, it results in a larger disappointment when that expectation is not met. The brightest minds in the industry had opined on what Tom Cook had predicted would become the defining moment of 2015. Of course there are some things that Apple and partners were able to do that nobody else can even compare with: involve all major FI incumbents, jump start tokenization, enable in-app TouchID payments, etc. Apple has also set the bar high for the inevitable competition. However, I was hoping for more education, more promotion, more value added features be ...

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