What Happened in the World of FinTech in the First Week of 2016?

December 2015 was a surprisingly active time for FinTech startups as they raised over a billion dollars around the world. Continuing the momentum of activities around investments in FinTech, we looked at the deals sealed in the first week of 2016.

According to Financial Technology Partners, an investment bank focused on FinTech, the first week of 2016 counted 32 deals with 16 M&As and 16 funding deals. 16 companies that disclosed the sizes of the deals scored more than $330 million.

As always, the highest number of deals took place with FinTech companies operating in the payments sector (34%). The second place goes to companies in Financial BPO/Securities/Cap Mkts/Wealth Management (22%) and the third place is occupied by deals around Financial Management Solutions (13%) and FinHCIT (13%) - Healthcare Internet Technologies. Deals around Banking/Lending accounted for 12%.

50 companies ensured 31 deals, among which are Bessemer Venture Partne ...

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