What is Android Pay and a Comprehensive Analysis of all its Facets

On Level 2, session room 1 at Google I/O, at 3:00 PM yesterday, Google unveiled details of its new payments platform Android Pay. It meant that the U.S. mobile payments market (and global) started looking more competitive, and perhaps better for the end consumer . With more than US$ 3.5 bn spent through this channel in 2014, the global search giant Google is hoping to make a come back after its first troubled attempt at payments, a.k.a. Google Wallet.

Those of you who have been tracking this sector closely would know that, Android devices had NFC and card emulation capabilities ahead of Apple. In-fact, Google had ventured into payments four years earlier. In early 2011, Google launched the Google Wallet which was described as "novel, not so perfect, and certainly not a seamless payment solution" back then by reviewers. Google could not make the best use of Google Wallet in the last few years and hence lost the opportunity. They have designed Android Pay from the standpoint of smartphone manufacturers and developers which is a commendable move. Industry experts believe that Android Pay is more of a development tool than a standalone application such as that of Samsung Pay and Apple Pay. Let's explore mo ...

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