What Is Google Doing in FinTech?

As FinTech is firing up operations across industries, tech companies have started feeling the urge to get involved in order to take advantage of the innovation wave and maintain relevance. There's no need to even mention that tech companies have a direct interest in FinTech as the last one has the potential to significantly cut costs and optimize operations. While traditional players in the financial industry are expected to get their hands into FinTech, big tech companies are usually not very vocal when it comes to revealing their FinTech affairs.

One of the examples of a dark horse in FinTech is Microsoft which has a wide range of initiatives in FinTech and has recently went far with blockchain.

Since other tech companies are not looking to actively share their activities, we have taken it in our stride to demonstrate that soon banks will soon have another open competition which will be fierce.

One of the interesting examples is Google. Obviously, Android Pay is the first thing that comes to mind. However, let's focus on the FinTech ventures that Google got involved in through Goog ...

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