What Is the Next Big Thing in Retail?

The first intuitive answer would probably be around mobile technology, but another sheriff is showing up in town and may take the leadership sooner than expected. VR has been one of the most exciting tech advancements recently with large tech corporations and startups developing fascinating parallel reality seen in a headset.

While adoption may take a while, the conversation of opportunities for VR in retail have already started. Sanjay Mistry, Director of Architecture at Unity, a software company used by VR developers to create experiences, commented last year that the concept poses challenges, from finding early adopters to a potential to take sales from brick-and-mortar stores. "The adoption will be slow, but this is building the technology for the future," Mistry added.

The idea of applying VR technology in retail is to bring together the best of online and physical to create the best shopping experience.

In the near future, we may see an increasing number of partnerships between large retailers and tech companies offering VR solutions to trial the option of shopping in VR.< ...

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