What Recession? There’s No Such Thing in FinTech! Or Is There?

Recession is bitter medicine to sustain the long-term health of capitalism, they say.

The supposedly imminent recession – its timing, magnitude, regional impact, etc. – is becoming a frequent topic of conversation at industry conferences. As we prepare for Money20/20, let’s expect scrutiny of the announcements and presentations to address this question:

How will this recession affect us here in the FinTech ecosystem?

Two additional questions make this topic difficult to understand:

  1. What is FinTech? What’s in scope?
  2. Who is a player in the FinTech space? 

MEDICI answers the first question with its Daily Vitamin, which is published every day. Take a look!

The second answer spans almost 15,000 companies across 66 subsegments in 19 categories – ALL within FinTech++ (including InsurTech, WealthTech, RegTech, BankTech, etc.). And MEDICI is now beginning to cover some of the natural adjacencies in AgriTech, HealthTech, etc., so that everyone has a comprehensive understanding of the ecosystem’s true economic impact. We will come back to this a bit later.

What makes the recession question even more challenging, especially for investors, is that most of the players in this space are privately held venture-backed companies with minimal public financial reporting and opaque secondary markets, if any. And billion-dollar investments from Softbank and sovereign funds in yet another unicorn of the month only make it harder to appreciate the true health of many large FinTech players.

It’s worth contextualizing the recession question by analyzing the history of the handful of publicly-traded companies in the space: Fiserv, Wirecard, FIS, Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, Adyen, Finablr, etc. Note that these ...

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