What We Learned About the Lending Industry Last Year

The article provides you with a flashback of the major touchpoints for the lending FinTech segment in 2015. Innovation was seen on personal and business lending aspects.

For the past two to three years, the technology-based personal lending industry has been experiencing the launch of multiple startups. With high-interest rates charged by conventional financial institutions, the newly devised models launched by personal lending companies enable consumers to get access to quick and easy loans or refinance at a comparatively lower rate. These models also offer a huge opportunity for consumers to make money as an investor on the respective forums. We analyzed this segment thoroughly and have come up with our proprietary LTP9 segment for leaders in technology-based personal lending.

Also, as expected, 2015 created a huge traction for personal lending companies with total loans disbursed by the top five companies reaching $28 Bn.

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