What's the Most Important Change Coming to Your Segment in the next 3-5 Years? We Asked 30+ FinTech CEOs

The year 2017 so far has been one of the most fascinating periods in the history of FinTech. Explosion of ICOs, revision of regulatory frameworks around the world, and a lot more. With such an unprecedented speed of changes in FinTech, it is a challenge to envision what the future of the financial services would look like.

Accounts Receivable Automation

With the rapid advancement in payment technology, I see the need for collections diminishing. The days of traditional collections are ending. Agencies and the industry will need to either redefine themselves or become a casualty of innovation and disruption. I envision that collection agencies will become ‘customer engagement’ agencies where value is derived by growing the customer’s lifetime value, not debt collections. - Ken Green, Founder & CEO, ItsPayd

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Banking Software

We see banks and other financial institutions opening up to working with startups in the FinTech ecosystem and leveraging the skills and ideas these companies have to offer. - Eliad Saporta, CEO, Coriunder

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Data Analytics

I think the change in some measure will be driven by social media itself. I believe that with the coming of functional AI, we’re on the verge of seeing social media as an AI cohort – almost virtual reality avatars instead of keystrokes of ourselves. A friend of mine called me crazy for thinking that, but I think that’s the next big leap. It’s up to us to be ahead of the curve when it hits. - Jeff LoCastro, Founder & CEO, Neener Analytics

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Self-driving cars, going to be a HUGE market and potentially difficult to capture a large market share so that is going to be a big change. Also, regulation – right now, what we are doing is legal in many jurisdictions but in most, it is unregulated currently but it won’t be for long. So we are curious how those changes affect what markets we can enter. - Ian M. Worrall, Co-founder, MyBit

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Blockchain is the most important change coming into FinTech industry. Companies that will not adapt to blockchain will fall behind and become obsolete in regard to their efficiencies and effectiveness. - Saiful Khandaker, CEO, Famacash

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DLT, Microfinance

We are building the world of instant finance where everybody can receive, send, lend or borrow from a ...

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