Which Are the Top 3 Hottest FinTech Hubs Worldwide?

While we have been brushing through the world’s hottest FinTech hubs, we haven't really looked at them in a comparative manner. Meanwhile, every hub is unique and carries hallmarks of its history of growth and development affected by distinctive forces. Those forces shape unique strengths and weaknesses and determine the course of future development and types of innovations that will be bred in a particular hub.

While there is plenty on a granular level of research and the LTP Team has individually covered some of the hottest FinTech ecosystems around the world (Israel, Silicon Valley, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Germany, London, etc.), it's important to understand where those hubs stand on a global level based on a range of innovation-inducing metrics. The Global FinTech Hubs Federation recently released a report called

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