Why Global FinTechs Should Look at India as a Market

Investments in FinTech are breaking all records in the past few years. New solutions are coming from everywhere, and consumers are switching to them faster than ever. In the center of this boom is Asia, especially China and India. While China still leads in consumer adoption rate of FinTech solutions and investments, India isn’t far off. It’s exciting times for FinTech and for India, and an even more exciting opportunity for startups. But why is India such a hot place in FinTech? And why should startups all over the world put India at the top of their priority list?

Market size & FinTech adoption rate

First of all, India is a huge market. Just the sheer size of the country itself is humongous with 1.3 billion people and counting. But what makes it interesting for FinTech, is that its population is the

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