Why Italian FinTech Awards by CheBanca! Is Not Just Another Startup Initiative

When I joined CheBanca! almost nine years ago, the recruiter told me about "a startup project in the Italian banking world." Practically, I thought it was the Halley's Comet, given the rarity in the birth of banks—especially compared to the most frequent mergers that characterized the Italian scene.

But things are sometimes different from what you can imagine; sometimes for the worse, sometimes for the better. The thing that struck me most—and that I still feel full of enthusiasm for today—is that here in CheBanca!, we really care about what we do. And to those who use our services: these are people, not just numbers.

In CheBanca!, I'm a part of the Upstream Projects, a team created by our General Manager, Roberto Ferrari. Our mission? To define and update the strategic direction (the so-called "upstream," in fact, is not an oil and gas thing), seeking ideas and innovative ...

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