Why Join a FinTech Accelerator, Lab or an Incubator? Inspiration Below

As per some estimates, global FinTech investments will more than double by 2018. The number of accelerator programs, FinTech labs and incubators has also been increasing. The main aim of these platforms is to provide the right resources to entrepreneurs who are aspiring to convert their ideas into reality. Each of these platforms provides the startups with a specific time frame, committed membership, mentorship, and sometimes, capital & development efforts, making the startup concept ready for the market. Each of these formats is different and to know more, Large FinTech companies are looking for a fresh perspective by partnering with the best and brightest startups. In the continual pursuit of new ways to better serve their clients, banks are looking to test new initiatives as well as foster innovation. The growing interest in startups (all-time high) and the success of several companies initially based out of FinTech accelerators, labs and incubators means that we will be seeing much more of this in the coming years. Reputation will be important and rightly so."

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