Windows 10 to bring Enhanced Support for NFC based Payments

The next update to the Windows operating system i.e. Windows 10 is being touted as universal platform supporting all types of devices including mobile phones and tablets. Windows 10 is expected to offer support for in-app payments based on NFC. This recent revelation has come to light after Microsoft announced that it is hiring software developers and testers to join a team engaged in development of a platform for NFC payments via Windows devices.

Speaking of transition and upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 10, it will be quite complex especially for mobile devices if Microsoft wants Windows 10 to be a truly universal platform. Mobile devices require loads of native apps including digital wallets and that too with in-app NFC support. This is a key reason behind Microsoft hiring specialized developers. Also some of the features in Windows 8 will have to be redeveloped for Windows 10.

The magnitude of work involved in developed of Windows 10 for mobile may lead to its delay in arrival. It can also be expected that the new mobile OS may not contain all the original features of Windows 8.1 because of the development challenges. Although Windows 8.1 did brought NFC and companies Softcard even developed NFC payment app for Windows mobile OS but the current challenge of uniformity of the OS across devices has brought upon the development challenges.

With NFC based payments gaining traction in the market, thanks to Apple Pay, a large proportion of Windows phone users are expecting better support and availability of options for enhanced NFC based payments. The entire NFC segment looks like as if it’s on steroids right now. The boardrooms are busy these days in any company involved in NFC terminals or payments. This is the first time when there is significant momentum to make contactless wallets happen.

With the mobile OS being the key to enabling NFC services on smartphones, Microsoft indeed has lots to do in order to meet the expectations of the industry and moreover, the customer.