With Android Pay Launching Soon, Google Play Services 8.1 Updated for Support

The Google Play Services app (version 8.1) has recently received an update that provides evidence that the company’s mobile payment service is expected to launch soon. Users who have updated the app noticed that there was a new option under the Tap and pay option, which would allow users to select between Google Wallet and Android Pay.

After updating the app, those who chose Android Pay as a payment option saw no application for the service. And upon returning to the settings option to check on the matter, the users noticed that the payment option with Android Pay did not appear anymore.

The news of Android Pay launching in the US on August 26 may have proved wrong, but with the new update, the users can keep their hopes high about the launch happening soon.

Android Pay will not earn any transaction fees from credit card companies. This move might put pressure on Apple Pay, which has been growing steadily in the US since its launch. This move might compel Apple to drop or lower its charges, which eventually means a lower margin per transaction for Apple.