TRY FOR FREE Can now Integrate with Any Local Payment Gateway and Acquirer in the World

On 17th June 2014, leading web development platform – – announced that as a global company tackling the challenges of processing localized payments, it has developed its own proprietary billing system. This development enables Wix to integrate with any local payment gateway and acquirer in the world.

Wix says that its internally-developed payment solution is key to the company's localization as well as growth strategy in multiple markets. The company is already executing successful integrations with nine gateways in Europe, US, Latin America, Brazil and Russia illustrating the strength of the system.

  • Wix's 49 Mn users in 190 countries are able to upgrade to premium subscriptions, purchase domains and all premium App packages via its payment solution.
  • Supporting multiple localized payment methods through its own billing system has proven successful.
  • This was demonstrated by the increase of 70% in the processing success rate for Wix's premium products in the Brazilian market alone.

'We are a technology-driven growth company. A primary vehicle for that growth lies in our ability to further expand globally in target markets, each one posing a new set of challenges. From product through payments to support, we work to localize the Wix experience for our users in every possible way. Not being able to find a solid payment solution for our new markets was slowing us down – something that we could not accept, stated Wix President & COO, Nir Zohar, in a press release. So we did what we do best: we developed our own technological solution, which is already being successfully used by us and gaining interest from third party partners.'

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