The Wonder Women of FinTech in India

With the word “FinTech” being mentioned for the first time ever in the union budget of India in 2019, there has never been a better time to be in the industry. India is said to have the second-largest ecosystem for FinTech startups. From cutting-edge, tech-driven solutions tailored for personal and corporate finance to portals that allow users to manage their financial transactions digitally, FinTech companies have been able to embrace and thrive upon innovation in this new industry. The FinTech industry, however, is far ahead of the industries established over the twists and turns in the timescapes of the past years. In terms of policies and standards addressing gender gaps and wage disparity issues, FinTech has emerged as one of the best industries for women to work within.

No wonder FinTech has been able to birth several wonder-women who either spearhead their own empires or help protect and run it. The list of these achievers is long but let's have a look at this non-exhaustive list of FinTech Founders/Co-founders who are contributing to India's FinTech story: 

(This list is focused on FinTech founders and does not include some big names from banks, consulting firms, government authorities, and regulators).

1. Lizzie Chapm ...

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