You Won’t be able to Pay for Digital Goods using Google Wallet Next Year

Google recently revealed plans to discontinue the Wallet API support for digital goods by March 2nd 2015. Google would continue supporting the sales of apps on Google Play and other in-app payments as well. But these purchases won’t be possible through Google Wallet in 2015. There has been no official announcement regarding this but Google had posted regarding this on Wallet support page.

When the particular actually becomes inactive, users would simply get an error if they try to pay via Google Wallet for digital goods. Google currently has no plans of offering a replacement processing solution for digital goods on websites. Google cites the presence of numerous alternative payment methods as key reason behind bringing this change in Google Wallet services. It is not clear whether Google Wallet Merchant Centre would still be active or will it be shut off later.

Google is urging developers to adopt other payment processing solution and remove Google Wallet. It is also providing a guide to developers for the same. Google is not suggesting other any particular payment method as an alternative.

Here’s what Google officially cited for merchants:

  • Process Payments until March 2: You can continue to process payments via Google Wallet for digital goods until we shut it off on March 2, 2015.
  • Remove Integration: If you don’t have your own payment processing, you will need to transition to an alternate solution and remove calls to our APIs before March 2, 2015. Learn more.
  • Continued Merchant Center Access: You will continue to have access to the merchant center for processing refunds, getting payouts, and seeing reports.

It does seem strange that Google is completely shutting an important part of a service and that too in the current competitive environment. For example, Apple has launched Apple Pay as one-stop solution for all kinds of payments. Shouldn’t Google be taking a similar approach in making Google Wallet known for not just NFC based payment system but an effective cross channel payments tool. You never know when Google might come up with a strong response to other wallet service providers and this recent change is just a transition phase.