You won’t believe what happened at Paypal this weekend, Rocky tweets

rocky tweet 1

Source: BusinessInsider

rocky tweet 2

Source: BusinessInsider

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Source: BusinessInsider

Rakesh “Rocky” Agarwal who was a principal analyst at reDesign mobile and was quite into conference gigs now and then, recently got into PayPal in the month of March as Director of Global Strategy.

But what he did this past Friday night turned out to be quite a shocking series of episodes as can been through the tweets above. At around 1 AM in the night, he started tweeting against his PayPal colleagues insulting them quite a bit. He even went ahead tweeting explicitly that he quit PayPal.

Later, he turned apologetic blaming his new Samsung phone’s twitter for the series of controversial tweets. He also apologized to PayPal’s president, David Marcus, and vice president of growth and global strategy, Stan Chudnovsky.

rocky tweet 4

Source: BusinessInsider

It also seems that Rakesh is going for a new venture since he posted another tweet saying “Day one of my next adventure? I am so ducking tired.”


What led Rocky to do this?

After a long set of such fowl tweets, is he trying to cover up now?

Why did he resign?

Last year, he did something similar when he was a contributor at VentureBeat (wrote an op-ed calling PayPal's POS 'piece of s**t'). So, is this him ? or is it really his unhappiness with PayPal?


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