WorldPay Chosen by InnoGames for its International Payment Portfolio

The total value of payments processed through alternative means (i.e. bank transfer, debit cards, wallets, mobile, cash on delivery and others) went up by 21% in 2013, while the turnover value went up by 44%, as compared to year 2012 according to WorldPay. On 24th April 2014, InnoGames – Online video game developer and publisher – announced that it had selected Worldpay as its provider of international payment solutions.

InnoGames chose Worldpay due to its global expertise and strong video gaming portfolio. 'We needed a solution that allowed us maximum visibility across all our markets, said Mark Gerban, Head of Payment at InnoGames, in a press release. Operating in multiple countries, currencies and accepting transactions in a range of payment methods can prove complicated, but Worldpay has been able to advise us on the best solutions to make this a simple process.

  • InnoGames possesses over 120 Mn users worldwide and offers a wide range of F2P (free-to-play) online games.
  • Users sign up with a free account, and have the option to purchase additional features via in-game micro-payments.
  • Gamers can also upgrade to a premium account to access in-game benefits.
  • Examples of features that can be purchased include add-ons to give gamers a competitive advantage against opponents, or that allow them to advance faster through the game (for example, expanded maps or tools to speed up actions in the game).
  • InnoGames employs an in-game cash shop for each of their games which enable users to purchase items, weapons, armor and other virtual goods with game currency. This game currency can be bought with real money via credit, debit, PayPal, Game Cards among several payment options.
  • Worldpay will provide InnoGames with a full global payment portfolio for payment gateways, acquiring, risk management, treasury services and alternative payment methods.
  • This means InnoGames can securely manage all of its local and international transactions through one portal, using one integration via one contract to improve its visibility on global sales figures.

'As InnoGames expands, Worldpay is capable of supporting their evolving needs. Efficiently managing high volumes of low value transactions internationally requires specialist expertise and payment services. Partnering with Worldpay gives Innogames the confidence that all aspects of their payments is taken care of from optimising their fraud management rule sets to ensuring they are offering their players globally the payment methods their know, use and trust, stated Colin Murray, VP Video Games at Worldpay, in the same press release. This allows them to focus on growing sales and nurturing their player community.

InnoGames is one of the world's leading developers and providers of online games. At the moment, around 300 professionals from 25 nations are employed by InnoGames. The company counts successful games such as Grepolis , The West, Forge of Empires and Tribal Wars 2 under its banner. Recently, InnoGames released additional information on spies and the espionage feature of its online strategy game Tribal Wars 2.