Wrangling Financial Institution Data

Bank and credit union data is incredibly useful and almost everyone in the industry needs it. You can find potential customers, leverage it for investment banking, competitive analysis, due diligence, and monitoring the health of the industry. Finding financial institution (FI) data seems pretty straightforward – a good amount is publically reported. However, once you start digging, you will find that it’s not that easy. The dominant provider of this data is SNL Finance, which was acquired by S&P Global for $2.23 billion in 2015.

As with anything in FinServ and FinTech, we like to ask ourselves: who is challenging the old guard? That’s how I got to know FedFis, an FI data provider from Austin (FinTech Cowboys). After learning more about the company, I thought you should know about them too. Typically, this type of story would involve me calling up ...

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